Personal Consultations

Bespoke Style Consultation (In-person or oNline)

Find your Individual Style Poetry with Jasmine Arora. Understand your Body Contours & Variations, minimizing non-pleasing attributes while complimenting the positive ones.

What to Expect:

o          Figure Evaluation to determine styles, patterns & colours for your Body Shape

o          Face Shape Evaluation- suitable hairstyles & necklines

o          Style Recommendation for 5 pieces from your wardrobe

o          Guidance on age and occasion appropriate dressing

o          Accessory Recommendations

In Person: This Session will be conducted by Jasmine at her Studio in Andheri West, Mumbai.
Online: Live Zoom Call with Jasmine Arora. Post Session Recordings will be shared. Concepts will be made clear with the help of Forms, Images, Videos and other Visuals.

Duration: (2 hrs)
Investment: Rs. 4999 (In-Person or Online)

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Wine Appreciation Etiquette (Online)

The world of wine is a very Interesting but daunting one. Wine tasting sessions at the wineries tend to confuse a layman further as wine comes with a lot of complex descriptors and aspects. Wine is an elegant drink and has high snob value because each bottle is carefully crafted and hence becomes worthy of discussion.

Why Wine is considered so Elegant

🍷 Different types of Wines in the world

🍷 How to judge a Wine

🍷 Characteristics of a few popular wines

🍷 Different glasses for different Wines

🍷 Starting your own Wine journey

🍷 Simplifying difficult wine vocabulary

🍷 Wine Tasting Etiquette

🍷 Identifying a good wine bottle by the label

🍷 New World vs Old World wines

🍷 Wine & Food Pairing

🍷 Identifying an expired wine

Duration: 90 mins (Live Online Session with Jasmine)
Investment: Rs. 2100/-

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Fine Dining Etiquette (In-person or Virtual)

Learn to dine in the most elegant way when in company of fine people or visting a fancy place. We’ve got you covered;

-Cutlery Usage Guidance
-Elaborate Meal Courses;
-Amuse Bouche, Hors d’oeuvres, Sorbet, Petit Fours etc.
-Extravagant Table Setting
-Eating Different Meals/Foods Elegantly
-Classic Fine Dining Do’s & Don’ts

Each Session is Customised basis the Individual needs. For Professionals, Session would include Business Entertaining & Dining Nuances.

Duration: 2 hrs 30 mins
Investment: Rs. 5500

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Wardrobe Overhaul

Ever wondered why you don’t seem to have anything to wear when your closet’s all but spilling over. Or, sometimes you may impulsively buy a truckload of clothes and accessories without knowing how to combine them right. The answer lies in the technique of ‘Capsuling’ your hidden treasures, understanding what works & doesn’t work for your body & De-cluttering your wardrobe. Let us give you a hand at that. Our Wardrobe Edit will make sure you make optimum use of your existing wardrobe, shop for only the necessary stuff and know how to wear everything right!

Yes! We dig deep into your Treasure House (aka Closet) to;

-Discover the hidden pearls buried mercilessly under those piles
-Weed out ‘Wardrobe Orphans’-too big, too tight, too young or too old maybe
-Mixing and Matching to create new looks

Duration: 8 hrs per day
Investment: Rs. 20’000

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Personal Shopping (Online)

If you are looking to elevate your Style then you must have more clothing options to choose from. Brands & Mall Options are very limited thus online shopping is our go-to choice. But yes, it can be challenging and that’s why we help you put together an outfit & purchase it Online.


-Client Requirements are noted
-Look books are created with (Top, Bottom & 1 Accessory)
-Buying Links shared
-Post Purchase Trials
-Recommendations on Look Completion or alterations required(if, any)

Minimum 2 Looks to start with. Wedding Shopping, Heavy Traditional Wear not included.

Investment: Rs.5000 (for 2 Looks/Ensemble)

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Personal Shopping (In-Person)

This is a one-stop solution if you ‘only’ want to Shop. Let’s face it! Even when you know what you want, going out hunting for those pieces in the market can be a daunting task logistically. Also, in case you do not have the time nor the inclination to understand how various colours, patterns or fabrics or styles behave on your body but just want the goodies that look good on you; we suggest this lifesaver shopping expedition for you. Whether it’s a wedding in the family, a new job, a holiday or a simple desire to treat yourself to some retail therapy, look no further. How it works;

  • Image Discovery Session to understand your Style Quotient & needs
  • Pre-shopping Analysis-Creating Wish list, budgeting etc
  • Shopping Spree- Mix of outdoor and online activities to help you find the best pieces

Duration: 8 hrs per day
Investment: Rs. 20’000

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Corporate Finesse (For Professionals)

Studies show that when we observe a single physical characteristic or behaviour in someone, we tend to assume that the person has a number of related qualities too. For example, someone may be perceived as confident because they have a firm handshake. They may be judged as capable, professional, successful or intelligent because they are well dressed. The reverse is also true. There are many men and women out there who are capable of the opportunity but lose out just because they do not look the part. So if you feel you have the required talent & capabilities but need to manage your image better? Then this Program is for you;

  • Executive Presence & Leadership Skills
  • Strategic & Psychological Power Dressing
  • The Art of Business Communication- In-Person, Email & Telephone Etiquette
  • Business Entertaining & Dining Protocols
  • Perfect Introductions- Self, Seniors, Peers & Juniors
  • Power Postures, Body Language & Decoding Non-verbal Signals
  • Grooming
  • Impressive Handshakes
  • Business card Exchange Protocols
  • Meetings Management & Productivity Enhancement
  • Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
  • Productivity Enhancement & Time Management

Duration & Investment Basis Individual requirements

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