Style & Etiquette Program: 7 Online group Workshops

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28th Oct, Fri 6:30 pm                                                         

Session 1: Wine Appreciation Etiquette


    • o Why is Wine considered so Elegant
    • o Different types of Wines in the world
    • o How to judge a Wine
    • o Different glasses for different Wines
    • o Starting your own Wine journey
    • o Simplifying difficult wine vocabulary
    • o Wine Tasting & Food Pairing Etiquette

29th Oct, Sat 6:30 pm   

Session 2: Fine dining etiquette


    • o Elaborate Meal Courses
    • o Amuse Bouche, Hors d’oeuvres, Sorbet, Petit Fours etc.
    • o Extravagant Table Setting
    • o Cutlery Usage Guidance
    • o Eating Indian Meal Elegantly 
    • o Raising a Toast
    • o Classic Fine Dining Do’s & Don’ts

31st Oct, Mon 6:30 pm

Session 3: Entertaining Guests at Home/House Party Hosting Etiquette


    • o Creating Beautiful Ambiances at home
    • o Invitations & RSVP Protocols
    • o Table Styling & Setting for House Buffet
    • o Using Everyday home pieces to improvise
    • o Sequence of Food Layout
    • o Making Guests Comfortable
    • o Seating arrangements
    • o Guest Entertainment & Games
    • o Guest pairing & introductions

3rd Nov, Thu, 6:30 pm

Session 4: Styling made Easy 


    • o Lingerie/Inner-wear Guidance
    • o Style Tips
    • o Accessorising the right way
    • o Shoe Guidance
    • o Bag Rules
    • o Wardrobe Essentials & Orphans
    • o Classy woman style do’s & don’ts 

4th Nov, Fri, 6:30 pm

Session 5: Skincare Guidance


    • o Skin Analysis & Product Recommendations 
    • o Few Products that make all the difference
    • o Safe Skin Treatments in market & when to start 
    • o Age related Skincare 

5th Nov, Sat, 6:30 pm

Session 6: Communication Skills


    • o Employing Refined and tasteful words in day to day conversation
    • o Correct Pronunciation and enunciation 
    • o Communicating your point effectively
    • o How to politely ‘say no’
    • o Tricks to speak better English
    • o Understanding your audience before speaking
    • o Framing correct grammatical sentences
    • o Own your language
    • o Build your personal story

7th Nov, Mon, 6:30 pm

Session 7: Social Graces & Elegance of a Lady


    • o Refined Postures & Deportment
    • o Social Graces & Courtesies of a Lady
    • o Gifting & Tipping Etiquette
    • o Things to avoid doing in Public
    • o Grooming do’s & don’ts


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