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Copycatting Guidelines!

We have all got inspired, or to put it honestly, tried copying someone’s look. However, for a Style Expert, it takes a mere glance to decode your Fashion Quotient. Hence, I keep harping on being your authentic self and making your own mistakes. However, if you still...

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Wine Etiquette Workshop!

Do you also have the fear of Wine bottled up inside you? Worry not! People often get intimidated by wine, because ordering it comes with a specific etiquette that doesn’t apply to any other form of alcohol. Because of this, when in the company of others, we often...

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What kind of Dresser are you?

When it comes to style; there are two types of dressers- the Classic dresser and the Experimental dresser. The classic dresser believes in ‘Conformity’ and likes to fit-in wherever he or she goes where as an Experimental Dresser is more fashion-forward....

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