When it comes to style; there are two types of dressers- the Classic dresser and the Experimental dresser. The classic dresser believes in ‘Conformity’ and likes to fit-in wherever he or she goes where as an Experimental Dresser is more fashion-forward. Likes to make a statement and stand out in a crowd.

A Classic Dresser prefers more timeless looks, beautiful but simple cuts in clothing. They do not like too many details in their accessories or clothes. A peek into their closet reveals a neutral and pastel colour palette with an occasional ‘pop’ of colour. They look good in a non-flashy way. They like to stick to classic pieces and not follow trends and fads too much.

Where as for an Experimental Dresser, it can get boring. They like to be bold and adventurous with their choices. They’re more expressive when it comes to style and do not want to be oblivious in any situation. This mindset is visible in the way they dress up. A peek into their closet reveals colourful patterns, quirky accessories and lot of trendy stuff. They refuse to let social standards dictate what adorns their bodies.

While it would be nice to live in a world where people didn’t immediately judge one another off appearances, that’s simply not the case. Research says that what we wear says a lot about our personalities and dictates how others view and treat us.

Wearing bold, trendy pieces emanate a more vivacious, innovative and intriguing image. You build a brand as ‘The gutsy guy/girl’ which may work in your favour if you’re working in a creative field -media, writing, acting etcetera. Whereas wearing classic non-fuss pieces may make you come across as someone sincere, serious, conforming. Someone who follows the rules and is easy and non-complicated. Hence, wearing something classic could work for you in an official environment or in a conservative family gathering.

Also, there is a scientific field known as ‘Embodied Cognition’ which argues that we think with both our brains and bodies. Which simply means that what we wear also impacts the way we feel about ourselves or our self-perception. Clothes invade the body and brain, putting the wear into a different psychological state.

So I being a certified Imagery & Style Expert, suggest creating your unique Personal Style; either a classic or experimental. However, do not be afraid to crossover and borrow a little from the other side depending on the profession you are in, the occasion you are attending, the message you want to project or simply to feel a certain way about yourself on a given day.

And, in case you are still struggling to find your Individual Style Poetry, you know where to find me!

Jasmine Arora
Image & Etiquette Expert
Fashion Stylist & Corporate Trainer