Pooja Gandhi

Indian Film Actress and Producer

Jasmine is my Harry Potter with a Magic Wand. First time when I met her I was so mesmerised by her personality. She is a beautiful woman with a heart of gold. I was in Mumbai for a meeting and had absolutely no idea what to wear and was really confused as it was for something really big. She took me shopping and in less than an hour I was in a new stunning look and feeling absolutely confident. Being an actress you work with so many people and designers but trust me the Magical touch that small little things make I have never seen anyone do it with so much elegance and spontaneity. That is Jasmine and I’m short of words for this amazingly multitalented superwoman. She brought a difference to my life with her talent and I know she will make a difference in yours too. So Imagicians is the right choice for you, with closed eyes you can believe in Jasmine and go ahead.